Agencja Modelek

The GUDEJKO MODELS is a part of the GUDEJKO Agency – the company that is present at the Polish market for over 25 years.

It is one of the longest serving companies in the Polish show business. This department is strictly related to the actors’ one, thus having a similar opportunity for the careers’ development. Our agency working method, unlike in other agencies, is strongly connected with the media advertising market, that’s why our models are being invited to all sorts of not only commercials but also feature films, TV theatre and theatre shows, including the shows in the Great Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw. We represent the commercial and fashion models, but also television models who are successful in commercials and take part in the feature films or TV series as well.

We're giving to our models oportunity to make a proffesional portfolio in our photo studio. 

With our business experience we are being perceived as a reliable business partner, the one who likes commitment and is always keen to go for the new, interesting projects. Because of great interest of our offer, since 2012 we are co-operating with international market and providing contracts for our models all over the world. In 2017, we opened a branch of Gudejko Models agency in London.